«Olitrade» LLC – an independed company – is an farm produce processing enterprise with headquaters in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our primary business is processing of sunflower seeds and soybeans – to produce sunflower and soybean oil, oilcake and residue.

Our facilites are located in the southern region of Ukraine – Zatyshshia, Odessa region. The projected processing capacity of our factory is 100 tonns of source soybeans and sunflower seeds.

We use the cold pressing method to process the soy beans, which allows us to produce ecologically clean unrefined soybean oil, protein-rich cake and soybean residue with a high percentage of fatty acids.

Our storage facilities include an area to store up to 45 000 tons of farm produce, 10 000 tons of oilcake and soybean meal, and oiltanks of 1 000 tons capacity. We own the stock of heavy-load trucks for delivery of farm produce and processed products. There is a rail line connected directly to our facilites with a loading port and a petroleum storage depot of 700 tons capacity.

Our company maintains relations with both the international trading companies and the local farm producers all over Ukraine.

We export the following product:

  • beans – soy and peas
  • grains – corn, oats, sorghum
  • oidseeds – rape, mustard and flax
  • processed products – sunflower and soybean oilcake
  • unrefined seed oils – sunflower and soybean oil

The minimum order of each product is 20 tonns. We provide all the required certificates for the exported products.

Olitrade company is always open for communication and ready to discuss the required parameters of our produce, our prices and the terms of delivery with our every client.